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HEATHENROCK Festival in Harburg mit vielen super Bands, mit dabei die Jungs von KRYPTONITE alle Infos auf:

A.D.S. Album " Einfach nur ......TRUE"  comming soon

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Am Samstag, 11.07.2015 rocken in Gelsenkirchen beim Open Air Festival, die 8. Bismarcker Rocktage unsere Jungs von Kryptonite. Also hin........


Kryptonite / Adligate im Kultopia Hagen 30.04.2015

Fotos by MW Art Marion Waschk

Kryptonite, Adligate im Konzert (Hagen, April 2015)

CD-Release zum Mosh in den MaiLivebericht von Jörg Müller / lesenswert


Jetzt ist es passiert!

Unsere Jungs von, aus Gelsenkirchen, sind als einer der 15 Besten Newcomer im Classic Rock Magazin UK #208 vorgestellt. Dem nicht genug sind Sie auf der Highway Stars `15, mit dem Song Black Rose, aus Ihrem Debutalbum Godspeed vertreten.

Now it happened!

Our boys from, from Gelsenkirchen, as one of the 15 best newcomer in the Classic Rock Magazin UK # 208 are presented. Not enough to be represented at the Highway `15 Stars, with the song Black Rose, from their debut album Godspeed.


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Bands like Kryptonite are the “missing link” between the Stoner and Hard Rock genre as they contain the best of both worlds.
  I suggest listening before looking at photos of this band so you have no pre-conceived notions.  If you are into the whole Stoner Rock scene you’re going to find some things you really like, they’re raw and unrefined and they have a rock swagger that’s hard to come buy.  So why should you not look at pictures of the band?   Because they’re a bunch of young German guys who hardly look the part of grizzled rockers, these guys obviously “get it” though and  have all the right influences.
  I hear traces of early AC/DC and KISS, but it’s a little more loose bluesy.  There’s really some classics like “Volcano”, “Black Rose”, “Shot At First Glance” and “Lipstick” that are more strait up rockers.  Songs like “Dirt” are a bit more modern takes on the Classic sound, there’s a bit of “Wolfmother” with gritter vocals.  “Green Demon” is waaay out there like an old Uriah Heep track, it’s over 8 minutes of epic folk prog music that really sets them apart.  Personally, it was the one track I could do without, but it certainly helped define the band as a legitimate member of the “Stoner” genre.
  Overall, it’s a great rock record that I though was from a bunch of old guys living in the Arizona Desert, to their credit they had me fooled and convinced the Rock genre has a strong future when young guys are doing legitimate music like this.

REVIEW: KRYPTONITE “Godspeed” Is Classic Rock Revived